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Best Vegan Food Amsterdam; Amsterdammmm, it’s good

Best Vegan Food Amsterdam; Amsterdammmm, it’s good

Let me start by saying it is not hard to find vegan food in Amsterdam, or in most big cities in the world these days. How? You could type in “Best Vegan Food Amsterdam” and read this helpful (even if I do say so myself) guide before you go. Once you’re in Amsterdam, you’re going to want to find places as easily as possible…

Top Tip: If you don’t already have it, DOWNLOAD THE HAPPYCOW APP. It’s an absolute game changer. If you travel, or even if you’re just looking for inspiration around your local area, this is a must. HappyCow shows you what’s around you or in a searched location – restaurants, cafes, takeaways, shops, breweries etc, everything vegan you could ever need. I don’t get paid for promoting them, it’s just saved my *facon so many times while I’ve been travelling.

Anyway, Amsterdam is why you’re here. So, let’s get to it. The beauty of Amsterdam is how multicultural and liberal it is. You’ll see that in the food. I ate everything from probiotic Japanese food, weed burgers and, of course, Dutch pancakes.

Here’s a run down of our finds for the best vegan food Amsterdam your every need…


Deshima Amsterdam Probiotic Asian Meal of the Day | Compassion and Curiosity

Top Tip: Ask questions and have the meal of the day.

The meal of the day is an awesome way to try to different things. We had pickled lotus root, mushroom ragu and tempura veg and a sushi role on the side. The lady serving us was SUPER knowledgable and so passionate which also made my day.

Right next to the Rijksmuseum, I thought we’d be surrounded by what I call, “hungry tourist food” – overpriced, fried game that you can shove in your mouth on the go. When your travelling, it’s easy to abuse your body, grabbing whatever is at hand. Sometimes as vegans, that might just be chips. I’ve been there.

But this place is a little haven for your gut. Focusing on macrobiotic health, the food embodies the idea of food as fuel and medicine for the body.

Top Tip: Get the Dutch Weed Burger.

I’d heard of the Dutch Weed Burger before I got to Amsterdam and was super intrigued. Don’t worry, it’s not the type of weed your mum might have warned you about… It’s actually seaweed. And it is delicious. It’s kind of earthy and delicious. They have their own restaurant where the you can get GREEN WEED BUNS to go with your burger and that’s definitely on my hit list for my next trip.

If you’re based a bit more centrally, Bagles & Beans are partnered with Dutch Weed Burger so you can try it here. They also serve non vegan food but everything is clearly labelled so it should be super easy for you. Other options include red pepper vegan spread which is making me hungry even thinking about it now.

Dutch Weed Burger at Bagel and Beans in Amsterdam | Compassion and Curiosity

Being an on-the-go lunch, I didn’t actually manage to snap a picture of my overflowing falafel wrap before I inhaled it. We had this on the last day and it was pretty cheap and the falafel was right up there with some of the best I’ve had. They also have mushroom shwarma which really intrigued me so I’d give that a go.

Top Tip: Grab the meal deal. 

You get a wrap (pick either falafel or shwarma and add your own salad from a HUGE selection), chips and a drink (I’d recommend the fresh lemonade) for less than €10 euros.

Top Tip: Go hungry. You’ll want to eat everything.

Okay, so this place might be my absolute favourite. The service was amazing, location was good a little out of central but SO SO worth it. It’s totally vegan and totally amazing.
What do you wear to fancy-casual? What I mean by this is fancy food, casual atmosphere.

This is the kind of place I’d want to go back to for every special occasion in my life. For me, getting out of bed on a Monday morning is enough of an excuse to celebrate with a meal somewhere this good. We felt at ease. The service was super friendly and our waitress was really passionate about the food(and the drinks) which always makes or breaks a restaurant for me.

Speaking of food, we had the black garlic mushroom tagliatelle (top left) and teriyaki tofu noodles (top right). They were both the right balance of light but filling and healthy but indulgent. I could have eaten it all over again. I’m always banging on about eating the rainbow and just look at the noodles. So bloody instagrammable.

Vegan Black Garlic Mushroom Tagliatelle at Meatless District | Compassion and Curiosity
Vegan teryaki noodles with tofu at Meatless District | Compassion and Curiosity

You won’t struggle for drinks or dessert either. The waitress informed us that the charming pink beer (bottom left) is actually brewed by a feminist brewery (How badass does that sound?! Do you reckon they’re hiring?! Sign me up). Equally delightful was the STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING. Yes, that’s in capitals for no reason other than it was f*cking delicious. Moist and rich and sweet and accompanied by a dreamy, creamy ice cream, I’d go back to Amsterdam just for that.

Vegan beer from a feminist brewery | Compassion and Curiosity
Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding and ice cream | Compassion and Curiosity

So yes, Meatless District is most definitely on the best vegan Amsterdam list. It should be on everyone’s must-visit list really alongside Anne Frank’s House and The Red Light District.

I wrote that sentence and thought about deleting it as I was worried about you reading those two places next to each other in horror. I didn’t because that is Amsterdam all over. History and future all mashed up in one. Acknowledging atrocities and working to liberate people and focus on the truth. That’s why the vegan scene is so freaking awesome in my opinion. It fits massively with the Dutch culture. Everyone cycles and there’s a huge focus on the environment so veganism aligns perfectly. If you’re looking for a place to try, this is it!

Top Tip: Homemade vegan Nutella! Do I need to say more?!

You really can’t go to Amsterdam without trying pancakes. We made it our mission to find the best and I think we did!

I had a vegan pancake (they also serve non-vegan pancakes with or without gluten) with strawberries, bananas and a heavenly hazelnut chocolate sauce/drizzle/liquid crack. It was immense.

If we hadn’t been heading home later that day, I’d have probably gone back for a savoury one for tea! Tons of toppings to choose from and decent service.

Sorry the picture is sh*t. I was just too keen to eat the pancake to fanny around. No regrets.

Vegan Dutch Pancakes at The Happy Pig, Amsterdam Eliza Hall | Compassion and Curiosity
Cold Pressed Juicery, Amsterdam Street View | Compassion and Curiosity

Top Tip: Ask for snack bars in paper bags to save plastic!

This is one for you health conscious travellers. Everything is raw, vegan and super good for you. If you love Deliciously Ella, you’re in for a treat. I’d imagine this would be her one stop shop in Amsterdam. You know, if she didn’t have her own entire range of snacks to keep her going…

Anyway, you can get freshly squeezed juices (with 1 or 2kg, yes kg, of veg in!), smoothies, salad bowls and snack bars/balls. It’s a bit pricey – about €6 for a smoothie but so worth it. We tried the matcha bar and snickers style slice and gobbled them too quickly to snap so just a nice picture of the outside here.

Safe to say, they were DEVINE.

Top Tip: Go early.

If you’re up and at ’em pre 9am and looking for best vegan food Amsterdam… well done! Due to the fact that a lot of people won’t be alive at this time on a weekend, there might not be many places open but we found a Le Pain Quotidien.

I personally hate using chains while I’m away but I know this place has good vegan options wherever I go and if I’m in a pinch, I’ll go here.

It’s not a fully vegan place, is a bit on the pricey side and isn’t unique to Amsterdam so I wouldn’t put this on your hit-list by any means but the service is good and there are a few filling and tasty vegan options. It’s always good to know it’s there if you get stuck!

This healthy banana split brekkie was goooood.

Vegan yoghurt topped with granola, banana and blueberries at Le Pain Quotidien | Compassion and Curiosity

Best Vegan Food Amsterdam: SUMMARY

The Best Vegan Food Amsterdam was not hard to find. Everywhere we went, I managed to find something tasty and I would highly recommend you going if you’re considering it. As English is spoken by virtually everyone, you won’t struggle finding out what you can and can’t have!

Plus, there are quite a number of purely vegan cafes, restaurants and shops so you’re guaranteed to find something you like from junk food to bulk food. Enjoy or geniet van je eten!

Please do let me know what you think in the comments if you followed any of my recommendations! I love to hear about other people’s travels! If I’ve missed anywhere, feel free to let me know and give me an excuse to head back to one of my favourite cities!

P.S. Massive love to the lady who treated me to this city break! The best prezzie!!! 

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  • Also, Vegan Junk Food and Betty’s. VJF is a fast food place with burgers and fries along with some healthier items and Betty’s is a nice sit down place that you must make reservations.

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