Vegan Shenanigans

About Me

If you had to identify your two most important values in life, what would they be?

I think the world needs more Compassion and Curiosity: A desire to ask and a desire to help.

My name is Eliza Hall, I’m 24, from England but living in Vancouver. When I’m not writing, you’ll find me, reading self-development books, cooking, eating plants or talking nonsense with my beloved mum.

Over the last few years, I’ve undergone a huge perspective shift. I went from binge-drinking business graduate chasing the consumerist dream to plant-eating vegan hippie who wears sustainable clothing and went to work in a plant-based kitchen. I started reading self-help books. I started working out regularly. I moved towards a more minimalist lifestyle. And then I went vegan.

I set to work on bringing the people I love most on my journey. My mum used to be pre-diabetic and basically one big ball of anxiety. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago. With a little encouragement (and a whole lot of homemade vegan ice cream), I watched them make the move to plants. My dad’s cancer count dropped to virtually zero 6 months after he stopped eating animal products and my mum has never been healthier. I couldn’t not share this. I wanted to help other families.

I’ve since graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Health Coach. Having a purpose – to look after this planet and the people in it – fulfilled me more than anything I’d achieved before. I felt energised and connected in a way I never had.

Oversharing Everything

I want to talk about the difficult stuff, the stuff that really matters: love, sex, money, health, animal welfare, the environment. They all need an approach rooted in compassion and curiosity. Because veganism isn’t just about what you eat. It’s bigger than that. It’s about how you think and how you live. We get a bad rep as vegans and one of the reasons I started writing here is to help people understand the humans who make up the vegan community.

The difficult realisation for me was that to make the world more compassionate and more curious, you have to ask difficult questions. You have to stand up for the truth. So this blog is a place for me to talk about things that we don’t every day with a whole bunch of honesty, a healthy dose of humour and a sprinkling of sarcasm.

What will I share? Probably a bit too much to be honest. I’ll tell stories that make me think, make me cringe and make me laugh.

So there it is in a nutshell, my mission:

To share my honest thoughts on living a deliberately compassionate and curious life!