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10 EASY Ways To Add Curiosity To Your Day

10 EASY Ways To Add Curiosity To Your Day

I love life the most when I’m constantly seeing new things, learning about and discovering pretty much anything! Do you feel more alive, more creative and more motivated when something has stimulated your curiosity? Good, you’re in luck!

With busy lives, it can feel like learning something new every day is hard but I’m a huge believer in making it a part of your everyday. It shouldn’t feel like an effort if you sneak it into your day.

I’ve come up with a list of ways that help you keep your brain ticking throughout the day with minimal changes!

Feel free to swap these around to times/activities that fit your life best!

Here’s a typical day for me…

Woman getting up and opening the window | Compassion and Curiosity


This used to be dead time for me when I was just rushing around like a headless chicken. Now, I…


(spoiler: this might be my personal favourite)

Personal recommendations:

  • Kat Horrocks’ Put Yourself First: “Inspiring conversations with badass women. Empowering you to make time for your personal goals & put yourself first!” I met Kat through WeBlogNorth and am now a religious listener. She interviews some seriously inspiring women and always leaves me feeling uplifted!
  • Guilty Feminist: A podcast in which we explore our noble goals as 21st century women and the insecurities that undermine our lofty principles. HILARIOUS while super informative and humbling.
  • The Debrief: Basically, a super relatable ‘how to adult’ podcast. I love Stevey and Tessa because they make me feel okay about struggling to master the whole adulting thing!
  • Chickpeeps: ‘friendly, fun mad-curious vegan podcast’ with Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter). Amazing plant based guests tackling all the issues and questions we face as vegans in a super upbeat and lovable way. 100% guaranteed to make you smile!

There are TONS out there so just find what interests you! The wonderful thing about podcasts is you can listen on the go so you can fit this into any part of your day really but I prefer to listen in the mornings to get me energised for the day.

I even listen in the shower because that’s dead time. Is that weird? Probably a bit, especially for the people who put the podcast out there! Take it as a compliment guys!

*Pro tip* Switch to music when you dry your hair. I forget EVERY TIME.




If you get a train, tram or bus, you probably already take a book, if only to avoid eye contact with other public transport users. I walk to work so I’m currently using Audible or I just carry on listening to my podcasts! I warned you I’m a bit of a podcast nut!




If you haven’t heard of TED talks, click the link and check them out (once you’ve finished reading this, obviously! Don’t leave me just yet… I’ve got so many more ideas for you). If you stayed, thanks! If you didn’t, I get it. I’ve lost entire days to TED talks. I actually organised a TEDx event (independent TED events) in a previous life. Read: while at uni. It was awesome.

No matter what your interests, I can GUARANTEE that this tip works. TED has content on pretty much anything you can imagine. With videos from 3mins to 20+, they are a perfect way to get some learning in during a lunch break.



4. COOK SOMETHING NEW (extra points if you listen to a podcast/audio book WHILE COOKING!)

Have you ever picked up a random ingredient in a supermarket and based a meal on it? Well today’s the day to try. I picked up Padron peppers recently (they’re delicious) and created an entire Spanish meal around them. All I did was fry them in a bit of oil and salt and served with Spanish scrambled tofu but they were yummy.

Picking up something random will make you curious about the possibilities. Ready, Steady, Cook style. Wow, that was an outdated reference. Hmm Masterchef challenge style? Better. Anyway, grab an aubergine or a pair a melons (waheyyy) and see where the evening takes you. So that sounded weird. I just meant be adventurous and experiment. Yep, still weird. Just cook something new! Ahh there we go.


…instead of whacking on a mindless TV programme (which I’m certainly guilty of while I’m supposed to be doing something else. To be completely honest, I started writing this with Queer Eye on in the background. Oops. However, in my defense, I will make an exception for Queer Eye because it is brilliant and heartwarming and lovely and just magical. So, if you must watch something fairly mindless of an evening, make it this).

Anywayy, my flatmates at uni used to laugh at me as I’d watch a documentary (normally two or three) a night. But I LOVED IT. The reason I’m writing this post is that I reflected on my happiest time and it was about this time last year when I was CONSTANTLY learning through a lot of suggestions I’ve written up here! Netflix is amazing and Youtube is great. You’ll find doco’s (what us hardcore fans call them) on everything from Minimalism to Sea World to Banksy. Ask other people for recommendations. You might be surprised what’s out there! 

Eliza Hall going for walk on beach | Compassion and Curiosity6. GO FOR A WALK

Ever been for a wander around the area you live in? I know it’s taken me MONTHS just to have a little walk around where I call home now. It helped me feel more connected though and I’m glad I’ve taken the time to finally do that! I think when we live somewhere, we take it for granted but being more curious really pays off.


So this might sound like a weird one. How am I going to learn anything by sitting in the bath? Just having time to reflect can be brilliant in terms of being curious about how your body feels. Connecting to whether you’ve got any aches, pains etc can be really helpful. Plus, I know that I get my best ideas when I’m not trying. Normally, in the bath or in the shower.

There’s also nothing stopping you listening to a podcast or a new artist while you’re chilling with your soy candles on and a nice Lush bath bomb in there!


Diary - writing for curiosity | Compassion and Curiosity8. WRITE A DIARY

So you may not be learning anything new here, as such. However, writing a diary can really help you to learn about yourself and notice things you may not otherwise. I know that, for me, writing helps me reflect on what I’m grateful for, what makes me happy and what I really don’t want to do more of.

Did you know, journalling actually changes your brain! Knowing this helps you to be curious about what makes you feel certain things and why. You’ll notice patterns so that you can shape your life around things that bring you joy. So you are the greatest object of your own curiosity here!




Gossip is often recycled information about other people. As much as we all love to be a bit nosey about other people’s lives, it’s unlikely you’ll walk away from a gossiping session with your mind blown and full of inspiration. Focus instead on ideas and things that you really value. Avoiding people who gossip a lot will really help you stay focused and learn more about the things you care about. Your time is too precious to waste it talking about people. 


This follows on from #9. If you’re talking less about other people, you can find out more about the special people in your life you actually care about.

Ever wondered how your best mate would describe you in 3 words? What they’d do if they won a million pounds? Or what they’d pass as law if they were to become Prime Minister tomorrow? Asking ‘first date’ questions is fun. I can’t help it. I should really be a focus group coordinator because I’m just crazy curious about what people think. Plus, think of all the free food!

You don’t have to take it to my extreme but these are great ways to take a conversation a bit deeper. Don’t be afraid to use this with people at work or people you’ve just met. It can be really quite revealing.


All in all, the fab news is that it really is easy to add curiosity to your life without making huge changes. If you’ve found something here that’s helped, please do let me know and if you have any more ideas on how to add some more curiosity to my days, leave a comment or connect with me on insta! I’m even curious about other ways of being curious!

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